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Marjorie Phoenix Orlando Lady Boss Podcast

Healing through Art with Marjorie Phoenix – Episode #45

When women go through traumatic experiences, we have to take care of ourselves and find ways to heal. My guest today, Marjorie Phoenix, gives women a voice and helps them heal through art!

Marjorie went through some emotional and financial abuse in her marriage. Now, she’s empowering women to look past the abuse to express themselves in a creatively positive way.Continue reading

Orlando Lady Boss Podcast Guest Kristen Manieri Orlando Date Night Guide

Plan a Better Date Night with Kristen Manieri Episode #44

We’re spreading the love on this week’s episode! My podcast guest Kristen Manieri shares how her love of adventure with her own dates inspired the city’s only online date night resource.

Creativity and passion motivated Kristen to give back to the community, providing locals with their very own date night ideas. Grab your partner or your besties — or just your own beautiful self! — and enjoy the episode. If you love it, share it and give us a review on iTunes!

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Sex Positivity with Angelique Luna – Episode #43

Today’s guest, Angelique Luna, started as a blogger, and transitioned into a sex educator and podcaster. She is also a certified kink therapy professional, so she helps people who have alternative sexual lives. She also helps parents talk to their kids about sex.

Angelique shares her intimate story on the podcast about how this all began, and how we can live a sex-positive life. Check out the episode below!

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Why Libraries are Awesome with the Orange County Public Library – Episode #42

Welcome back to the Orlando Lady Boss podcast! We are almost through the first month of 2018. To finish the month strong, this week’s guests Cynthia Velasco and Erin Sullivan share how the Orange County Library System (OCLS) helps the community and makes an impact in education.

Cynthia Velasco, the Orlando Public Library’s media specialist in Downtown Orlando, manages the library’s social media accounts. You may have already spoken to her, unknowingly, since she is usually the person who responds to you on the library’s social media pages.

Erin Sullivan, the library’s public relations administrator, runs a few different operations. Erin leads community relations, distributes press releases, guides social media relations, and she oversees the bookstore, known as Friends of the Library. She also acts as the library’s spokesperson, speaking publicly on in-depth topics.Continue reading


Gratitude and Coffee with Jenny Hackney- Episode #41

Grab a cup of coffee for today’s episode!

My guest Jenny Hackney has been in the coffee business since 1985. She always wanted to open up a coffee shop, but didn’t have a lot of capital investment for it. Jenny didn’t want to have a business partner either, so she knew that a mobile business was the right decision for her.

Her business Gratitude Coffee has now been open for almost 3 years and currently sits in front of Cavanaugh’s Fine Wines on Edgewater Drive, located in College Park. Jenny shares how she began working in the coffee business, and how her business came to be.

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