Meet Bumby Grimm of Bumby Photography. She owns a wedding photography business and a boutique boudoir shoot, and she’s the mother of three children. Her real name is Kristina, but everyone calls her Bumby because of an old family tale that dates back to before she was born.

While her name is in reference to Bumby Ave. in Orlando, her photography studio is actually located in beautiful downtown Sanford!

Bumby’s beautiful downtown Sanford Studio

Bumby enjoys being in downtown Sanford because of all the amazing little shops and things to do in the area. The historic feel of the building along with all the activity really inspires her work in the space.

On the weekends, she enjoys opening her windows and hearing the music from local artists wafting in from down below. The old building and bright lights inspire Bumby to create in this space.

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1) Bumby was pushed into wedding photography by a friend and discovered a hidden passion.

Bumby began practicing photography because of her love to photograph nature. However, Bumby’s friend asked her to photograph a family member’s wedding.

While it wasn’t what Bumby was specifically into with her photography, she decided to give it a go as a friendly favor, and she appreciated the fact that it was a small, 30-person wedding.

However, a year later, that same friend came back and asked Bumby to photograph her own wedding because she loved how the photos from the first wedding came out.

Despite Bumby’s protests, she agreed to do the wedding, which was five times bigger than the first wedding she photographed.

On the day of the event, Bumby ran around like crazy to coordinate all the shots and to make sure she captured everything the wedding needed. She was exhausted at the end of the day but realized she had a ton of fun photographing it.

So she spent the next few years taking classes at Crealdé School of Art in Winter Park, and shadowing other photographers. Even though she had two weddings under her belt, she wanted to continue her education and learn the skills she needed to pursue photography full time.

That friend’s wedding she photographed took place 9 years ago. Bumby reflects on how much she has grown and changed as a photographer over the years. She even admits that her style feels so very different now.

2) Bumby finds her style and improves through self-reflection after each photo shoot.

“I do a lot of sitting and thinking after every shoot.”

Bumby says she spends a lot of time thinking after each wedding event she photographs. This allows her to reflect on how she could have gotten a better shot or directed a bride differently. During this self-reflection, Bumby pieces together the elements of her personal style with how she will achieve it at the next event she works.

Bumby Photography’s beautiful downtown Sanford studio where she meets with clients.

She even practices posing in front of a mirror so she can direct her clients on how to pose too. Because she spends a lot of time practicing and analyzing her photos, Bumby is able to really develop a style that is all her own, and to better her craft. “It’s a lot of practicing.”

3) Boudoir photography reveals women’s confidence.

The back of Bumby’s studio where she does boudoir photo shoots.

Bumby got into boudoir photography about 4-5 years ago when she saw other photographers she really admires take on this trend.

For those who may not know of boudoir photography, this is a photographic style featuring intimate and romantic images in a bedroom or private setting.

One boudoir photographer, in particular, Sue Bryce, really stuck with Bumby. The way “she could take the everyday woman and make her look beautiful inspired me.”

Bumby’s beautiful boudoir studio set up for her downtown Sanford BB by Bumby studio.

So Bumby decided to take a stab at it herself because she loved what she saw from other photographers. She formed her other business, BB by Bumby, dedicated to boudoir photography.

What Bumby didn’t expect from her first shoot was the client’s positive reactions when she revealed the photos. This made Bumby realize that it really made a difference for her client.

“To know I can give her that bit of happiness when she looks at herself and she’s confident. That makes me feel good inside.”

The boudoir shoots are really a time for Bumby’s clients to take care of themselves. This allows her clients to focus on themselves and give themselves some attention instead of constantly worrying about others. Bumby says she can relate to that feeling.

As a wife, mother of three, and a business owner, Bumby is always running around from one thing to the next. She doesn’t always take a lot of time out for herself either. So she recognizes that it’s something many women need for themselves.

Close up of BB by Bumby’s boudoir photo studio with a bed right in the studio!

“I love when a woman sees her images, and hear her say that’s me? Yes, it makes her feel good, it makes her feel confident.”

For the boudoir shoots, Bumby will bring groups of moms together and make a day of it. In the photo shoots, Bumby’s associate Shannon does the makeup for the women. The focus of the day is very intentional in making sure the women are pampered throughout.

4) Bumby designed her business based on how she wants to live her life.

In addition to running a photography studio, Bumby also homeschools her children. The family usually takes days off in the middle of the week since a lot of her and her husband’s work takes place on the weekends. If her kids went to a regular school, she would never be able to spend time when her family the way she wanted and needed.

How beautiful is this set up? Imagine a fun boudoir shoot with this backdrop!

The flexibility of homeschooling her kids allows her to reclaim family time whenever they can find it in the family’s busy schedule. This is how Bumby balances all the needs of her business with the needs and priorities of her family. “I don’t want to be tied to a desk Monday-Friday.”

This works well for Bumby because her clients need her on the weekends. “It’s chaotic, but it’s our chaotic, so we’re used to it.”

5) There’s always a piece of advice that sticks with us.

“You gotta just jump and go.”

Bumby feels like she is always scared to try things. It was absolutely terrifying to take the leap to open her studio. However, she missed shooting the beauty sessions and found herself turning away clients because she didn’t have the space to do the things she loved.

Her super supportive husband pushed her to pursue the studio because he knew she was ready, even if she didn’t know.

Bumby admits that her husband is a big piece in supporting her business. In fact, she feels his influence all throughout the studio as he helped place everything in there.

Bumby holds on to another piece of advice from her husband when things don’t work out. She says once you jump, that “it wasn’t meant to be, but at least you tried it.”

BB by Bumby is offering a Valentine’s Day special mini shoot! If you would like to show off your beautiful self for Valentines Day Bumby will have Boudoir Mini sessions on Jan 7th and 14th, be sure to email for more details!

Bumby Photography will be offering a Valentine’s Day special.

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