Microaggressions and Sexism in the Workplace

As women, we encounter questions and assumptions about us every day that can feel invasive and inappropriate to the situation. Especially in business, it feels like we have to fight harder and be better to get the same respect a man in a similar situation would get. In discussions with other women, friends, family, and work colleagues, I’ve found we have all experienced some type of sexism at work. Sometimes it happens in big ways, and sometimes microaggressions are so small, it’s hard to tell if the problem is us or outside influences.Continue reading

I marched on Washington

I Marched on Washington

Sunday night, after five hours on a plane – for a normally less than three-hour flight to Philadelphia, delayed due to stormy weather and circling around St. Augustine – my husband and I tiredly boarded the shuttle that would take us on the short trip back to our car. We were weary from a long weekend of sleeping on a friend’s couch, a lot of travel, and miles of walking around our nation’s capital as we marched on Washington as part of the Women’s March.

We loaded into the bus, and soon a girl in her 20’s walked onto the shuttle wearing a “pussy grabs back” T-shirt, black pants, boots, and a clear backpack. Recognizing her from when we first got on the shuttle at the beginning of our trip, I shouted out triumphantly: “Hey, you were on the same shuttle to the airport with us the other day; wherever you parked. That’s where we parked too. We’ll get off with you.”Continue reading


Feminism Matters, and I Won’t Shut Up About It

I think feminism matters.

I know there is a lot of controversy around that term, but I will not shy away from talking about feminism and why it’s important. This weekend, we will have a new President of the United States, and whether or not you voted for him, you cannot deny that there are many people who are very angry about what they believe he stands for. Even if you don’t agree with these people, their opinions matter just as much as yours.

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