Gratitude and Coffee with Jenny Hackney- Episode #41

Grab a cup of coffee for today’s episode!

My guest Jenny Hackney has been in the coffee business since 1985. She always wanted to open up a coffee shop, but didn’t have a lot of capital investment for it. Jenny didn’t want to have a business partner either, so she knew that a mobile business was the right decision for her.

Her business Gratitude Coffee has now been open for almost 3 years and currently sits in front of Cavanaugh’s Fine Wines on Edgewater Drive, located in College Park. Jenny shares how she began working in the coffee business, and how her business came to be.

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From Fearful to Fierce with Jessica Hetherington- Episode #40

Meet today’s podcast guest, Jessica Hetherington. She’s a life coach here in Orlando who helps you define what happiness and success means to you in your life and business.

Jessica overcame her fears when she was going through a difficult time in her life due to an illness that completely sidelined her. It wasn’t always easy, but now she helps people by sharing how you can let go of fear and doubt to live a happier life.

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Finding a Focus with Bumby Grimm- Episode #39

Meet Bumby Grimm of Bumby Photography. She owns a wedding photography business and a boutique boudoir shoot, and she’s the mother of three children. Her real name is Kristina, but everyone calls her Bumby because of an old family tale that dates back to before she was born.

While her name is in reference to Bumby Ave. in Orlando, her photography studio is actually located in beautiful downtown Sanford!

Bumby’s beautiful downtown Sanford Studio

Bumby enjoys being in downtown Sanford because of all the amazing little shops and things to do in the area. The historic feel of the building along with all the activity really inspires her work in the space.

On the weekends, she enjoys opening her windows and hearing the music from local artists wafting in from down below. The old building and bright lights inspire Bumby to create in this space.

Quick Note: BB by Bumby is offering a Valentine’s Day special mini shoot! If you would like to show off your beautiful self for Valentines Day Bumby will have Boudoir Mini sessions on Jan 7th and 14th, be sure to email for more details! ⠀

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2017 in Review- Episode #38

Last Orlando Lady Boss Podcast of 2017 coming at ya! I will be taking some much-needed time off the last few weeks of December to spend some time with my family and friends, and I hope you are able to do the same.

The Orlando Lady Boss blog and podcast started because of a desire I had to talk to women I could see myself in. There is a certain type of power to hear stories from women who are my neighbors, friends, community leaders, and businesswomen who could share how they are making an impact in their own communities. It inspired me to reach for more.

Hear more from Nicole Higgins and how to make a local impact.

When I began the podcast at the beginning of this year, I had no idea where it would take me. However, as I began to interview amazing women who live right here in the Orlando community, I saw that there is so much that can be done right in your own community to make a difference.

Hear more from Ashley Cisneros Mejia and Dealing with Transitions 

In this episode, you’ll hear clips from 10 women I interviewed this year. It was so hard to choose which clips I wanted to share and from whom. So I don’t want to call this a “best of” review because there really are nuggets of inspiration sprinkled into every episode I recorded this year. I encourage you to listen back on the past episodes to find one you resonate with.

In this episode, you’ll hear clips from the following Orlando women I interviewed in 2017:

Next, I want to give a huge shout out to KitLife Planners, our first sponsors on the podcast and an Orlando women-owned business. The planners over at KitLife are amazing, and I can’t wait to use mine in 2018!

Hear more from Bonnie Lewis and how to build a passion-based career.

I also want to give a giant shout to a friend and co-collaborator, Erica Jacobs from Pixadactyl, who has been such a great resource this past year. In fact, you can see her handy work in the Orlando Lady Boss logo, and over in the Orlando Lady Boss T-shirt store. Thank you, Erica, for everything you do!

Finally, I want to thank you, my listeners and readers. Everything I do is possible because of you!

Until next year, stay strong and go out and make an impact in your world!


Spread your Passion with Nicole Dupré – Episode #37

We are back with another great episode! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving with plenty of food and company.

Today’s guest, Nicole Dupré, is the founder of Opera del Sol, an immersive production company right here in Orlando! She is all about bringing Opera to Orlando in a way that is fun, unique and new. I have to say, after speaking to Nicole, her energy made me want to check out her first production of Opera Wars which opened this past weekend (note I paid for it 100% out of my own pocket). The show was absolutely phenomenal! This is definitely an event you want to keep on your radar as Opera del Sol’s season progresses this year!

Also, you can catch the next performance of Opera del Sol with their Messiah Sing-Along on Sunday, December 10, 2017, at 2pm at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in St. Cloud.

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