On the podcast today, I have guest Angelica Yarde who is a true #orlandoladyboss. Seriously, I don’t know how she does it all (OK, I seriously think that about all my guests #nolie). Anyway, Angelica is the co-owner of Sevenality a web design and branding agency in Orlando. She runs the company with her husband. She also owns a card company called Studio 404 and is the co-host of an another lady-centric Orlando-based podcast called Heart + Hustle Podcast.

1. Mix Things Up to Avoid Creative Slumps

The way Angelica feeds her inner creative is to mix things up. She likes to change up the ways she expresses her creativity and will do all types of things from taking pictures, hand lettering, changing up her workouts, writing, reading, and anything else that doesn’t stifle her. The key to staying creative is definitely variety.

When running a creative business, most of it actually isn’t the creative work. Angelica told me that creativity is probably 10-15% of the work, and the other 85-90% of the work is administrative tasks and other various business-related things that need to be done.

2. Just Go Out and Do (Good)

“Just do things. Don’t hold back. Don’t wait for the right moment. Just take your foot and kick the door down,” Angelica told me. She also stressed the importance of not being perfect. The idea that you have to finish something just really stifles work and productivity.

She applied this concept to feminism too. Being a feminist is about constantly trying to do better and not being perfect. This applies to how you treat others too.

Many people who are trying to do good are not being willfully ignorant when they don’t know enough about an issue. There are a lot of issues out there to care about, and the best thing you can do is to offer your point of view when someone is misguided about an issue. It definitely comes across better. “Don’t yell at them. Teach them,” Angelica said.

Instead, offer to teach them the skills and information in order to be better next time. “We all learn on our own journey in our own time. It’s important to honor that space and be supportive.  You never know where their heart is,” she told me. “We’re all chugging along on Interstate 4 just trying to get home,” (figuratively speaking of course).

3. Working With Any Partner is All About Communication

“Communication is a life skill,” Angelica told me. An important one too. She credits having good communication as a way for her and her husband to be able to juggle all the things they need to do.

What also works for them is their talents complement each other. While Angelica handles more of the admin tasks and design work, her husband tackles the web development side and sales work. To make sure they stay on the same page, they will sit down and have meetings to discuss goals and schedules so they know where each other will be. Working with your spouse is just like working with anyone. “You have to learn how to communicate,” Angelica stressed.

4. Opportunities Come When Finding Holes to Fill in the Market

When Angelica connected with Charisma Moran through Twitter, they knew right away they wanted to collaborate in some way. Their original idea started as an idea of a magazine. However, they both got into podcasts and realized there was a hole that needed to be filled by a podcast that was about business made by women of color. That’s how the concept for the Heart + Hustle Podcast was born.

Now the podcast is the seventh most popular podcast in its category.  The point of podcasting is to offer different perspectives, and with how easy it is to do that now with the internet, there’s no stopping people from offering different voices. “You want to hear someone that sounds like you,” Angelica said. She and Charisma make sure to talk about a variety of things from not only business, but to pop culture, what goes on in their lives, and whatever else might be on their minds.

5. Orlando is Full of Great Small Communities that Collaborate Well with Each Other

Angelica moved to Florida from Atlanta. As she got involved in Orlando, she got involved with areas downtown and organizations like Orlando Tech and WordPress Orlando. “Orlando has grown because of these small communities coming together.” Orlando now is not like it was 10 years ago. At the time, a lot of places in the tourist areas were shutting down. The downtown area wasn’t as vibrant as it is today, and the small groups relied on each other to help give the area a community feel. “I love being a part of all these little communities that make one big community.”

About Angelica Yard

Angelica Yarde is the co-founder of Sevenality, a brand strategy agency, located in Orlando, Florida. She is also the owner of Studio 404 Paper, and co-host of the Heart + Hustle Podcast, a weekly podcast focused on giving creative entrepreneurs the tools they need to achieve with life-work balance. She has been a designer and developer for over a decade and is passionate about helping brands achieve their goals using design and user experience-based solutions. She helps out with the WordPress Orlando Meetup group, Girls Who Code Orlando, and the UX Orlando Meetup group.

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