Today’s guest on the Orlando Lady Boss Podcast is Ashley Cisneros Mejia with Fenix Creative Group. Ashley is one of the sweetest people, and she has been such a bright light and cheerful spirit since I have met her.

I enjoyed so much talking to Ashley about going through a career transition. She recently launched Fenix Creative Group in December after leaving her previous company in January of 2016. Take a listen to hear more about how Ashley dealt with the major transition and what she loves so much about Orlando. 

1. It’s OK to take time to figure out what you want.

Ashley left a previous digital marketing company at the end of January. Then, she spent months refocusing on what she wanted to do. She thought of many different careers from going back to writing to taking a completely different direction and starting a Chick-fil-A franchise. “It was scary and exhilarating at the same time,” Ashley told me. Giving herself permission to think through whatever possibility was part of the process of coming back to Fenix Creative Group.

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2. Ask others what value you add.

As she was sorting through career possibilities, Ashley leaned on the support of good friends, former close colleagues, and mentors to help her sort through her thoughts. She knew these people would help keep her grounded and remind her of who she was. With each new idea she mulled over in the process, her friends were able to question her motivations and provide a safety net if she fell.

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3. You get out of your community what you put in it.

Because Ashley is not from Orlando, when she moved here, she knew she needed to get involved with the local community in order to help her find her footing. She started volunteering in different organizations, serving on boards, and supporting other businesses in the area.“You get out of your community what you put into your community,” she said. Once she became a reliable part of the community, she saw traction in her own business.

4. Know what you’re asking for.

“Always know your ‘what.’ What you want, and what you need,” Ashley stressed. You never know what people want or need unless they ask for it. Most people want to help and support you, but they need to know how to do it. So you have to lay it out for them to make it as easy as possible for them to help. This is how you achieve the results you want, because others who care about you are able to assist in ways that are beneficial to you.

5. Trust your intuition.

“Your intuition is a gift. It’s a compass to tell you where to go,” Ashley told me. If you keep falling into the same traps and situations, and attracting the same people that are giving you problems, you aren’t listening to your intuition. Most of the time, if you take on a project that doesn’t feel right to you, it will backfire, leaving you drained and frustrated. This is especially true if you can tell right away that a project might not be a good fit. Listen to those feelings and thoughts, and use your intuition to guide you towards projects and goals you want to achieve. You have to create boundaries based on your values, and your intuition will help you understand what your values are.


About Ashley Cisneros Mejia

Ashley Cisneros Mejia is an award-winning entrepreneur, social media strategist, and journalist. She owns Fenix Creative Group, a boutique digital marketing and training consultancy. Prior to starting Fenix, Ashley co-founded another local digital marketing agency — a Hispanic Chamber Don Quijote award winner and a finalist in Grow Florida’s Best Companies to Watch list.
As a professional writer, Ashley’s work has appeared in USA Today, New York Magazine, the Chicago Tribune, and The Los Angeles Times, among other publications. As a professional speaker, Ashley has presented trainings at conventions across the country.
Before starting her companies, Ashley worked as a public relations practitioner, marketing manager, and technical writer. She began her career as a journalist and worked as a magazine editor at Florida Trend, and a newspaper staff writer for the Lake City Reporter. She also served as a copy editor for the University of Florida Bureau of Economic and Business Research.
When she is not working, Ashley enjoys giving back. She has served on the boards of four nonprofits, including one national Hispanic women’s group.
The Orlando Business Journal named Ashley one of Orlando’s 40 Under 40 and a finalist in its “Women to Watch” awards. Ashley was also named Outstanding Young Female Leader by La Prensa Newspaper, and received a national award in organizational leadership. She was also listed as one of Lambda Theta Alpha’s Top 10 Professionals.
In February 2012, UNITY Journalists selected Ashley as a winner of its New U start-up business competition. She won $10,000 in seed money. The Women’s Executive Council of Orlando also honored Ashley with a Communications/Media achievement award. Ashley earned a B.S. in Journalism and an M.S. in Entrepreneurship at the University of Florida.

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