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Orlando Women in Tech Leadership Panel

Central Florida wants to be known as the tech hub of the east, and it is concentrating a lot of effort to grow our industry here in Orlando. So it is uniquely important to our city that we pay attention to the gender gap in tech fields as the diversity will build a stronger sector for the city.

Last week, the Orlando Tech Association hosted a panel discussion on Women in Leadership. Each speaker was dynamic and had her own interesting take on the discussion. The panel featured the following Orlando women leaders:

Donna Mackenzie-Executive Director, FireSpring Fund

Cari Coats-Executive Director, Center for Advanced Entrepreneurship, Rollins College Crummer MBA

Lydia Chicles– CIO, BOLD! TechnologiesContinue reading


Take the Credit with Erica Jacobs-Podcast #9

On today’s podcast episode, I invited my good friend Erica Jacobs who is the Chief Creative Officer at Pixadactyl onto this show so we could chat about Women’s History Month. The beginning of the episode began with an overview of some of the work women have done throughout history, but men got credit for it. We then discussed the direction women need to take moving forward when creating good, quality work that deserves credit. We asked each other, and we would like to know from you, our listeners, how do we make sure we’re getting credited properly for the work we do?Continue reading


A Brief History of Notable Orlando Women-Part Two

Last week, in part one of my series for Women’s History Month on notable Orlando women, I wrote about women who are known around the city for one reason or another because of their contributions to the community. In today’s post, I want to concentrate on the political representation of women in Orlando and Orange County.  Continue reading


Creativity, Heart, and Hustle with Angelica Yarde-Podcast #8

On the podcast today, I have guest Angelica Yarde who is a true #orlandoladyboss. Seriously, I don’t know how she does it all (OK, I seriously think that about all my guests #nolie). Anyway, Angelica is the co-owner of Sevenality a web design and branding agency in Orlando. She runs the company with her husband. She also owns a card company called Studio 404 and is the co-host of an another lady-centric Orlando-based podcast called Heart + Hustle Podcast.Continue reading


A Brief History of Notable Orlando Women-Part One

In honor of Women’s History Month, I wanted to write a post about historic Orlando women who have shaped this town to make it what it is today. The project started off innocently enough with a few Google searches for “notable historic Orlando women” or “women in Orlando who have made history.” This proved to be a lot more difficult than I thought it would be.

This rabbit hole eventually led me straight to the public library where I spent a few hours searching the bookshelves for Orlando history reference books in hopes they would name a few women I could look up more information about. This too proved to be more difficult than I originally anticipated.Continue reading

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