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Dealing with Transitions with Ashley Cisneros Mejia- Podcast #2

Today’s guest on the Orlando Lady Boss Podcast is Ashley Cisneros Mejia with Fenix Creative Group. Ashley is one of the sweetest people, and she has been such a bright light and cheerful spirit since I have met her.

I enjoyed so much talking to Ashley about going through a career transition. She recently launched Fenix Creative Group in December after leaving her previous company in January of 2016. Take a listen to hear more about how Ashley dealt with the major transition and what she loves so much about Orlando. Continue reading


Feminism Matters, and I Won’t Shut Up About It

I think feminism matters.

I know there is a lot of controversy around that term, but I will not shy away from talking about feminism and why it’s important. This weekend, we will have a new President of the United States, and whether or not you voted for him, you cannot deny that there are many people who are very angry about what they believe he stands for. Even if you don’t agree with these people, their opinions matter just as much as yours.

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Build Your Community with Carolyn Capern-Podcast #1

It’s finally here – the FIRST episode of The Orlando Lady Boss Podcast. Every week, I’ll be chatting with some kickass women in Orlando who are making a positive impact on the community and beyond.

My first guest is Carolyn Capern with CT Social, a digital marketing company here in Orlando. I have known Carolyn for a few years now, and she has become a valuable business associate and friend over the years. I am so honored she is my first guest on the podcast.

On this episode, we chat about building community, the things we love in Orlando, and how the heck you get out there and start networking when it feels scary as heck.

You can listen to the podcast right above in your browser, or download it to listen on any device you choose.
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Who is the 2017 You

Transition – that’s what 2016 was for me. Last year alone, I sold my house in Kissimmee and started renting a place half the size (by choice) in the middle of Orlando. I quit my job and decided to pursue my business full-time, and I even dyed my hair a bright, crazy color. All of that happened though because I decided to take care of myself, and that started with working through a lot of anxiety and depression I’ve had over the past few years.Continue reading

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4 Simple Ways to Build Your Community

Since I started doing my podcast, the biggest feedback I’ve gotten from listeners is that it is giving them the courage to get out the door, build their communities, and find connections of their own. It really makes me happy...