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Spread Happiness with Leah Nash-Episode #31

My guest today, Leah Nash, is a bit of a creative bunny rabbit. Leah has been involved with so many things around town, I always wonder how she is able to do it all. Currently, she has a radio show on WPRK called Sitting on Top of a Pile of Poop and the View is Spectacular (seriously, how fun is that name?). Leah also works with the Hemophilia Foundation which is hosting a Creepy Crawl 5K and Vampire Mile at Lake Baldwin on October 29th.

Plus, Leah has a lot of other projects she creatively jumps around to. I hope our conversation gives you the courage to take the leap on that creative idea you’ve wanted to try but have been too afraid to jump into. Continue reading


Make Money Blogging with Melanie Edwards-Live Episode #30

My guest today is Melanie Edwards who blogs over at; she focuses on parenting stories emphasizing multicultural parenting, family fun ideas, recipes, and so much more. Melanie has been blogging for over eleven years — she has such deep insight into the blogging world! This episode was also a special live podcast recorded at FLBlogCon this year.

Melanie is definitely a font of all sorts of useful knowledge and practical advice when it comes to blogging and the online world. I know those at the session really enjoyed her expertise and perspective as a talented entrepreneur — and, if you’re interested in some behind-the-scenes insights into best practices for successful influencer marketing, you won’t want to miss my chat with Melanie!

Continue reading


Building a Passion-Based Career with Bonnie Lewis-Episode #29

We are back after an unexpected two-week hurricane hiatus. I hope things are getting back to normal for you if you were affected by the storm.

Today’s guest is Bonnie Lewis who runs Common Sewing in Orlando. Bonnie started her company because she wants to bring sewing back to everyone’s lifestyle “in a relevant, sustainable, and simple way.”

Bonnie gained her passion for sewing from her grandmother, and she wants to share that passion with others. That passion comes through in how she talks about her path. Plus, Bonnie’s story of success is one that takes less traditional paths, included believing in herself and skills, being persistent, and using her passion to drive her work. I know you will love our conversation.Continue reading


Take Action with Ida Eskamani- Episode #28

Today my guest is Ida Eskamani, an activist and Chief of Staff to Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith. Ida is a Central Florida Native who graduated from UCF and has been working towards social justice issues her whole career. She is a wonderful source of inspiration to anyone who is interested in activism work, what it looks like, and what it means to take action.

Trust me, Ida is definitely not one to sit on the sidelines. She is out there every day taking action on the things she finds important in this world. Sometimes the work is messy and even dangerous, but that doesn’t stop Ida to strive for the things she cares about. I hope you gain some inspiration too, and that hearing Ida’s story will help motivate you to take action about the things you care about. Continue reading


On the Move: SIGGRAPH 2017 Pt. 2

If you missed part one of my SIGGRAPH conference experience, please go check it out to catch interviews with Dr. Mashhuda Glencross, a VR research scientist, Joy Tien, an animation illustrator, and my demo with OPTIS VR equipment.

I traveled to SIGGRAPH with the wonderful Erica Jacobs from Pixadactyl as I mentioned in my last post. She is presently serving as the chapter president of the Orlando SIGGRAPH chapter. I want to start this post with giving a giant shout-out to her for organizing, facilitating, recording, and editing the videos for these posts. She worked her ass off to give voices to the women here at the conference and to explain what the heck was going on to me while I was mostly wandering around in awe while at SIGGRAPH.Continue reading

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