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Making Conversations Through Art with LeAnn Siefferman- Episode #27

My guest today is LeAnn Siefferman who is an artist here in Orlando. LeAnn’s specialty is pottery, and through her love of art and conversation, she started a dinner series in combination with The Dinner Party Project called Making Conversations. The goal is to bring people from many different backgrounds together to discuss difficult conversations about important social topics. In facilitating the event, LeAnn creates custom pieces of pottery as dinnerware for each event.

I definitely felt a kindred spirit in LeAnn, and I hope that her story inspires you to follow your passions. It doesn’t take a lifetime of knowledge to make an impact, and I feel like LeAnn’s story definitely exemplifies this belief. In our conversation, you will find out what inspired this project for LeAnn, how she has changed and grown in the past year, and how she deals with comparing herself to others. Continue reading


On the Move: SIGGRAPH 2017 Part One

At the beginning of August, I traveled out to L.A. to attend the SIGGRAPH 2017 conference. This conference concentrates on graphic design and computer animation. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to discuss women in STEM fields.

Like many high tech industries, the graphics and animation fields are still underrepresented by women. I feel like every day there is a new article that comes out that discusses some of this disparity. SIGGRAPH, however, is fighting back against those stereotypes. The conference aims to bring more women into the industry. In fact, SIGGRAPH has a goal of 50% representation split between males and females by 2025.  Continue reading


Civic Engagement in Orlando with Sarah Elbadri-Episode #26

Welcome to the twenty-sixth episode of the Orlando Lady Boss podcast. My guest today is Sarah Elbadri, and she is definitely someone who exemplifies an #orlandoladyboss. Sarah has been impacting the city in positive ways since her days as a student at Rollins College. While you might not know Sarah by name, I promise you have already encountered her impact in some way. For example, she was partly responsible for the implementation of the Juice Bikes share program here in Orlando.

Now, Sarah wants to do even more for the community she loves. Recently, she announced her candidacy for City Commissioner of Orlando in District 5. a district that covers most of Downtown Orlando to MetroWest. It includes neighborhoods like Parramore, Rock Lake, Sunset, Ivy Lane, and Mercy Drive.Continue reading


What Your Brand Says About You with Shelley Easter–Episode 25

We are back at it today with a new episode! Today’s guest is Shelley Easter, who runs the company Shiny Acorn, a website design and branding company here in Orlando. I had a great conversation with Shelley where we talked about all the reasons you need a website to build a business and the importance of branding within your business. We also got personal and discussed how Shelley has grown her business and why she now looks at herself as a business owner and not a freelancer (but maybe not an entrepreneur–listen for more on this interesting discussion!).

Plus, we discuss how Shelley will be presenting her wealth of knowledge at The Boss Lady Retreat, which will be held in Brevard County on August 26-27 at the Atlantic Center for the Performing Arts. The lineup for this retreat looks amazing, and it’s a great opportunity to get even more great information from Shelley along with a list of other awesome #ladybosses from all over.Continue reading


Confidence in Business Building with Suneera Madhani- Episode 24

Today I spoke with Suneera Madhani, CEO of Fattmerchant–a merchant services subscription-based technology company homegrown in Orlando. Fattmerchant has been described by Orlando Business Journal as a disrupter in the Financial Services Industry, and Suneera has been written up in Forbes and Fast Company. So in short, Suneera is a total Orlando Lady Boss, and it was a pleasure to speak with her.

Because Suneera has been working in many male-dominated spaces like tech and finance, I think she has a lot of great advice for any woman who has a tech idea but isn’t confident she can execute it. Confidence is not a problem for Suneera, who you will learn is a planner, and has a clear vision for Fattmerchant. It was an honor to speak with her, and it’s amazing to hear how Suneera worked on a local level to grow her technology company. Continue reading

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