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Fashion and Faith with Jeanette Johnson- Episode 23

Today’s guest, Jeanette Johnson is the owner of J’s Everyday Fashion. Jeanette has been a blogging powerhouse for seven years (which is an eternity in the blogging world, by the way). Jeanette started her blog with the mission statement “affordable fashion,” and she has grown her blog with that mindset since she started.

However, Jeanette has struggled as she has grown her platform on fashion and how it relates to her faith, which is very important to her. To explore that, she has written a book: J’s Everyday Fashion and Faith: Personal Style with Purpose, which will be released on October 3rd. The book is perfect for anyone who is struggling to connect two sides of their personalities that don’t feel like they fit, or for anyone interested in learning more about our personal relationships to fashion and our views on it.Continue reading


Mindfulness and Soul Care with Chonteau-Podcast #22

We’re in the middle of summer where things typically slow down a bit with warmer days, kids are out of school, and daylight lasts until past 9 p.m. I think it’s a perfect time to talk about mindfulness and self-care.

That’s why I’m excited to introduce this week’s guest, Chonteau. As a modern-day medicine woman, Chonteau supports women by helping them unlock their greatest potential and discovering who they really are. She does this through life coaching, herbalism, sacred plant medicine, intuitive insight, and more. Her goal is to help women find their best self so they can live their lives to the fullest.

Continue reading


Confidence in Business with Shannon Tarrant- Podcast #21

Today’s guest is such a powerhouse. I want to introduce you to Shannon Tarrant, a business consultant and organizer of The Elevated Experience—a one-day conference concentrated on helping small businesses in various fields. After spending about a decade in the wedding industry, Shannon now works with business owners of all types to help them reach the next level in their business. In pursuit of helping small business owners, she designed The Elevated Experience Conference to help them learn from experts, so they can go back and rock their business with tangible steps to make it stronger.

Speaking with Shannon is like a masterclass in building a business. However, I know those of you who work the 9-5 grind can learn a lot from Shannon too because we talk about all types of ways to build confidence, know your worth, and stopping the comparison trap. Grab a pen to take some notes today because I know you’ll leave inspired to tackle your next product after listening to this episode.Continue reading


Why Niche Communities are Awesome with Bess Auer- Podcast #20

My guest today is Bess Auer who runs and is the creator of Florida Blog Conference (or FLBlogCon), a one-day blogging conference in Orlando that happens every September. Bess is a great example of a community leader here in Orlando. Her key to success? Creating and cultivating small, niche communities. FLBlogCon is the perfect example of her brilliance. It is a hyperlocal one-day conference put on by and for Florida bloggers.

Not only has Bess been active in building a vibrant, local blogging community around her, she also recently sold another platform she ran with her husband called Florida Swim Network that concentrated on livestreaming Florida-based swimmers. Now, Bess is writing a book about her experience building niche communities and what she has learned in the process. Today on the podcast, we talk about all of these things, plus some trends we’re seeing in social media, and other random, fun conversations. Continue reading

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